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Coders of Colour vs the Digital Divide - 2021 and beyond

Coders of Colour vs the Digital Divide

Whilst doing our Christmas Laptop Drive last year, we realised that the need for devices and broadband will not stop any time soon.

From now on, Coders of Colour is committed to closing the Digital Divide.

If at any point things change, and you are suddenly in need of a laptop or broadband, you can reach out to us by texting +447828467608 or filling out this laptop or broadband request form.

If you are a company or individual with spare laptops to donate, please fill out this company laptop donation form.

If you can help us with your services (postage of devices, broadband subscriptions), please fill out our services form to get in touch.

Our Crowdfunder is still up, so if you'd like to donate to help us provide families with broadband, we'd really appreciate it!

We look forward to supporting you or receiving your support to close the Digital Divide.

Follow us @codersof.colour on Instagram and @codersofcolour on Twitter.